Seeing a tutor is something that every child can benefit from, at any age, with any skill set or in any subject. Now more than ever, your child could benefit from seeing a tutor. The COVID-19 pandemic has left many children learning outside of the classroom. Some students have found this switch extremely challenging. If they are unable to adjust to the changes, you could find them set back when in-person classes resume.

What does a tutor do?

A tutor can do a variety of things in the realm of learning. Depending on your child’s specific needs, their tutor will cater to those specifically. Some things that a tutor might provide to your child include:

  • Support in all different subjects
  • Go over lessons with them
  • Help with homework
  • Work ahead in certain subjects
  • Teach them a different language
  • Improve their confidence

Signs your child might need a tutor

Seeing your shield struggle with school can be very challenging as a parent. There are awesome areas that we, as parents, just don’t have the expertise to aid them with. Tutors are also a great option for students who work through class material quickly and are looking for a challenge. Hiring a tutor is a good way to keep them on track and build up their confidence, so look out for these signs that a tutor might be something to check out:

  • Attending all classes but results are less than expected
  • Your child has low motivation
  • Notice your child has a hard time managing their time effectively
  • Your child is bored with the work in class
  • Learning disabilities

Benefits of a tutor

After hiring a tutor fit for your child, you will notice very encouraging changes. Your child will be more engaged in their work after a tutor explains and works through issues. They will be more confident after receiving encouragement. They might even cause fewer problems at home, students who are bored tend to look for ways to make things interesting, occupying them with stimulating schoolwork can solve some behavioural issues. Finally, your child will be happier after understanding different learning concepts.

How much does it cost?

Tutors vary in cost depending on the amount of time your child spends with them, what they were hired for, tutor’s experience, and location. TUEX offers up-front service costs to let you know just how much you will be paying and allows you to shop around for the right tutor in your price range.

Where can you find a good tutor?

TUEX online tutor solutions offer a variety of different tutor services, look through the hundreds of tutors we have employed and select which one is right for you. Chat with them beforehand and glance through reviews to see how they are received by others. TUEX is easy to use from your phone or other mobile devices. Check out our services in multiple different languages!