Hola! Bonjour! Hello! Salve! Speaking more than one language is a major asset not only in life but in the career world, too. Bonus if you speak even more than two languages. Most times, people learn a new language as a child. It is easy for children to pick up new habits and abilities quite quickly as their brains are still developing. The most ideal age for a child to learn a new language is at age 10. That doesn’t mean that if you’re older, you won’t be able to, though. Start looking into learning a new language today and improve your career prospects tomorrow! Here are just a few reasons why you should be interested in speaking multiple languages for your career.

Stand Out In The Job Market

Even if you have the same credentials as other candidates applying for jobs, the fact that you speak a second or even third language can give you a major boost above the competition. Companies like to see that you are able to speak with clients who don’t always speak English. This is a great asset when working in any industry but sales, marketing, and retail all benefit the most from those who speak multiple languages.

More Opportunities

Speaking more than one language will open so many doors for you. Oftentimes, candidates who speak more than one language are in fact preferred over those with the ability to only speak one. Sometimes, there are even job postings only available to bilingual candidates. Once you have the job, you may be favoured for promotions seeing as you will once again be able to communicate effectively with more people.

Ability To Travel To Different Countries For Job Opportunities

Speak French? You could look for job opportunities in countries like France, Belgium, the Ivory Coast and more! You open the door and allow yourself global opportunities by learning a language regardless of which one it is. Big companies want to get their service or product to a global scale, and hiring someone who can help them reach a larger audience is a step towards that goal.


Chances are, if you speak more than one language, you will be able to communicate and adapt quite well in multiple countries. That is a huge asset to have on a team. If your company needs to go to a foreign country or expand, they might just ask you to take the lead and you can showcase your abilities.

Thinking of picking up a new language? Worried it’s too late? Never! Check out TUEX programs and start a new language class. All of our tutor programs are available in multiple languages if you want to continue speaking the language as well!