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About Us

TUEX Foundation is a charitable foundation that supports TUEX Education in creating an accessible education system for students around the world.

Our goal is to provide low-income students with opportunities to enrich their learning through the help of experienced mentors and to equip them with the ability to change their academic results. We believe that education is a catalyst for change that can inspire students to champion their ambitions.

Children benefited

Profits towards education funds

Volunteer hours served in 2020

Our Mission

Through the TUEX Foundation, students receive a Tutoring Coupon (from TUEX International Education) that can be applied towards the TUEX Education app. This app allows students to connect directly with professional tutors online and arrange in-person tutoring sessions. It introduces a new community that encourages students and tutors to broaden their network and go beyond the status quo of learning.

Why Should You Give?

We are looking for your generosity to create a better world where everyone has an opportunity to continue learning. Collectively with your help, we believe that we can uphold our vision: “Education can change a person; Education can save lives!”

What Sets Us Apart?

We put the education of the youth in Vancouver first. TUEX started after a popular tutor in the Vancouver area wanted to help more families that needed tutoring but couldn’t afford it. The TUEX Foundation makes tutoring more accessible to low income families by donating revenue to qualified students in the Metro Vancouver area.

The education of our youth is the most important part of TUEX. The TUEX Education platform features tutoring services, we don’t only focus on math and science. Our tutors also take the lowest amount in commissions compared to other tutoring services in North America.

Our Initiatives

Global Access

Make education globally accessible for all TUEX students and tutors.

Financial Support

Provide opportunities for lower income families to receive the support they need.

Location Convenience

Set up offline tutoring sessions with our TUEX tutors, and meet up at a location convenient for you.


Whether you are new to a subject or you want to enhance your knowledge, TUEX offers lessons of various levels so that you can continue to grow your skills.

Networking Opportunities

In addition to making new friends along the way, TUEX also allows tutors to grow their network through the TUEX app.

Continuous Growth

TUEX aims to help inspire students to continue learning and growing every day.

Board Members

Bingbing Li

Board Member

  • Founder of EM Academy Canada
  • MA of Education Leadership (UBC)
  • PhD candidate (UBC)
  • 20+ years Strategist for Top Universities Applications
  • Successfully coached over 1000+ students to enter dream schools in Canada, USA, and UK

Jay Ji

Board Member

  • Graduate from the University of Saskatchewan
  • Former director of Canadian West Vancouver Asian Association
  • Director of Leading Education Ltd.
  • Operation Manager of BC Offshore School in Shandong, collaborating with Langara College, Coquitlam College, Vancouver Island College, etc.

Leon Yan

Board Member

  • Former Project Manager of CAUS Capital
  • Former Interaction Engineer Lead of Hackhub
  • Co-founder & PM of Activator Tube
  • Collaborating with POSKING, RE/MAX Vancouver, NuStream Realty, ElastOS, WeFilmchain, Canada Wanke, HawkEye, etc.


What is TUEX and Who Benefits From It?

TUEX Education supports TUEX Foundation by donating 1% of the revenue. TUEX is a dynamic platform that helps students connect with tutors to assist them in subjects. The TUEX Foundation helps local high school students from low income families, and newcomers to Canada looking for additional help outside of the classroom from tutors who speak their language. We have tutors that can speak Korean, Punjabi, Spanish, French and more!

TUEX is also versatile. A student can use it for a full semester of learning or to get extra studying help before an exam or midterm. There are no minimum tutoring session requirements and you can use it at your own pace.

How Do I Get Involved With TUEX?

Families – If your child is in need of a tutor from TUEX, please reach out to the school’s counsellor. Each school nominates the students and provide a $50 per month credit to the selected students. Once your child is accepted into the TUEX Foundation program, they are able to match with an experienced tutor in their subject of need on the TUEX Education app. All conversations can only be initiated by the parent or child.

Schools – If you have a student at your school that you like to nominate for the TUEX Foundation program, please contact us today. Please let us know why you are nominating the student, including their grades, why they need help, what subjects they need help in, how many hours they may require per week, and if they have any language barriers.

Tutors – If you like to become a TUEX tutor, please download the app and create a tutor account. During the signup process, you need to provide a government issued ID to verify your identity. It is also highly recommended that you complete a criminal record check at your local police station before signing up to become a tutor on TUEX. Once you have set up your account, you can list and upload the classes you teach and be matched with students looking for help in that area.

Who Can Access TUEX?

As of right now, anybody in the Metro Vancouver area can access TUEX, but we are planning on expanding to the rest of Canada. You don’t need to be a student to book a tutoring session.

We currently have 1,200 tutors on the app. Some of them volunteer while others charge for their services.

How Much Do You Expect To Grow Monthly/Yearly?

Right now, we can support 10 students a month. Our next milestone is to support 50 students a month.

Market Landscape

At TUEX, we are not trying to compete with other platforms or companies in the area. All we want to do is help as many students as we can!


Here are a few obstacles that we are currently facing and doing our best to overcome:

COVID-19 – In today’s current pandemic landscape, setting up in-person tutoring sessions is a challenge. To overcome this obstacle, we recommend the students and tutors to use Zoom or Microsoft Teams for their tutoring sessions.

Students Not Looking For Help – Some students are not interested in getting extra help when it comes to their school work. At TUEX, we do our best to encourage students and parents to seek additional help and to normalize having a tutor.

Tutors/Foundation Find It Hard To Find Students That Stick – When a student hires a tutor, they usually want help to study for an exam, so they only book one to two sessions. Through the Foundation, we do our best to encourage students to seek assistance throughout the semester/school year so that they can become more confident in their knowledge and abilities when the exam period comes around.

Thank You to Our Partners & Sponsors

” It was a privilege to meet Zhen of TUEX last school year. He explained to me the academic mentorship program that they offer to students, especially immigrant ELL learners who are facing academic difficulties. I introduced the TUEX mentors to one of the high schools I cover in Vancouver and coordinated efforts with the admin and teacher of a trades program . Eventually, I got mentors working with the students. The mentors, all university students with criminal record checks, came twice a week to help the students with their Math and English courses. I also got a mentor for a student from another school doing Math course online when the COVID pandemic started, and the support helped him a lot to pass the course.”

Joy C. Jose

Student Support for Filipino students, Vancouver School Board

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